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Frequently Asked Questions

What is architectural millwork?

Architectural millwork includes all the decorative and many functional elements inside and outside a home or commercial building. Doors, windows, trim and molding, cabinetry, paneling, ceiling treatments, exposed columns and beams, staircases, mantels and built-in furniture are all encompassed by this term.

Why spend more on custom millwork rather than stock?

Any owner who values architectural aesthetics should consider handcrafted millwork. Custom millwork is built to exacting standards from select grades of wood, to achieve either accurate historic style or sleek contemporary design. Fine hand craftsmanship costs more than mass production, but you'll see the difference every time you open the cabinet, pass through the door or walk into the room. We will cheerfully suggest ways to work within your budget, and we'll provide a reliable estimate after talking with you to determine your needs. Please contact us.

What do I need to get started?

Your first step is to contact a reputable architect, designer or builder. Vintage Millworks will begin with your architectural drawings or specifications, or a sample of architectural millwork that you want us to match. Before we begin, we will meet with your entire team to assess your needs, time-frame and budget.

How do I request a quote?

For an estimate or more information, simply contact us. After discussing your needs to determine the scope of work, we will provide a reliable estimate.

Who are your clients?

Please view our portfolio to see photos of our work and a list of recent projects. You can also read what clients say about our work in their own words.

What geographical area do you serve?

Vintage Millworks currently serves the entire mid-South, including Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina.

Will you supply just one element of a project?

Yes, we are happy to create just one element - such as an elegant entryway or hand-carved staircase. We will work in collaboration with your team to complete small or partial projects. To discuss a particular need, please contact us.

Will you work in collaboration with a production millwork company?

Yes, we often work in tandem with production millwork companies when an owner wants some custom elements and some non-custom elements. We will gladly discuss any arrangement to help realize the owner's dream. Please contact us.

What kind of woods do you stock?

Our capable staff can procure virtually any type of fine wood, from antique reclaimed lumber to exotic and certified woods. Each wood is selected by custom order. Your project will never be limited by what we have "in stock."

Where are you located?

Vintage Millworks is located at 525 Merritt Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203. Our phone number is 615-244-8044. You can send us a fax at 615-244-5847.